Christianity from out of Asia


Who would have thought that St. Josaphat would be such an effective tool for converting Asians to Christianity during the 17th and 18th centuries? Well, the Jesuit missionaries did. Of course, nobody knew until centuries later that the life of St. Josaphat, a legend that became popular after the 10th century, was based on the life of Siddhartha Gautama, aka the Buddha!

(Postscript: here’s a great post on the story:


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is a denizen of San Diego, a border city that has never mustered the courage to embrace its uniqueness as such. It gathers in the world's diasporas with all their idiosyncratic ways of reinventing the idea of an imperial melting pot, and scatters them across this Great Pacific stretch. I work at the local university, researching the cartographies of non-Western modernity between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, and I teach literature and culture courses on the wild side of enlightenment: from the conquest of the Americas and the Philippines to the cultures of Orientalism and the baroque in modern literature. I love music, laughter, and philosophy (in that order), I do yoga, my wife is a novelist, and my daughter just blew almost a year's worth of allowance on an American Girl doll.
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