I teach comparative literature and cultural studies in the Department of Literature at UC San Diego. What the heck does that mean? you may ask. Mostly, it means doing comparative analyses between texts and contexts along themes and questions that range from philosophical (how does religious power intersect with political?), legal (how does the question of cultural difference become a juridical criterion? How are friendship and enmity across cultural boundaries defined or questioned?), and historical (how was globalization imagined differently in Europe, the Americas and Asia in the seventeenth century? How did US empire and Filipino nationalists use Orientalism differently?). To see some of my syllabi, click on the appropriate links below:

ETHN 289: Colonial Modernities

LTAM 132 syllabus: Reading North By South

LTCO 283(2013): Christianity and Colonialism

LTCS120syllabus: The Dark Side of Enlightenment

LTCS 255

LTCS 250

LTEN.28.2014: Introduction to Asian-American Literature and Culture




LTEN 181.8

LTSP 116


LTSP 174(2013)

LTSP252syllabus copy





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